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CHAMPS-Ethiopia, November 2017

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CHAMPS - Ethiopia, November 2017

The following is a news report from CHAMPS Ethiopia. Read on to learn about their recent progress and future programmatic steps.


A lot has happened in Harar in the last couple of months, for CHAMPS-Ethiopia as well as national events. On September 11th we celebrated Enkutatash - Ethiopian New Year. This was followed by Meskel, finding of the true cross, a major Ethiopian Orthodox festival of light (onlookers pictured above, Harar town). At the same time, our social science team has had two training weeks and started formative research, whilst progress on the microbiology and pathology laboratories continues!


The social science team is now busy with focus groups and interviews across all sectors of the community and all geographies, from Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital to the furthest ends of Kersa DSS.


Emmanuel Azore and Zelalem Mariam are pictured in front of the new water tower, which will provide water to the microbiology laboratory, pictured in the middle. The last picture is the new incinerator, to safely dispose of waste. All the pathology equipment has been serviced and will soon be installed in the hospital pathology laboratory, ready for use! Thanks to Berhane Debebe Beyene, who has worked with us to do this.

Our social science team has done data collection and data analysis training. Thanks to Liz O'Mara, Ahoua Kone, Fiona Wiltshier and Khatia Munguambe, pictured above training our team.



What is coming up?

  • We are recruiting Laboratory Technicians, Medical Physicians and a Project Assistant to work with us.
  • We will be having our first Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting in November in Addis Ababa.
  • We are looking forward to meeting CHAMPS site members from across the network in Maputo, Mozambique at the CHAMPS Annual Meeting.
  • Prof Anthony Scott and Shirine Voller will be spending a week with the HU-LSHTM team.
  • We look forward to the return of Prof John Blevins from the CHAMPS-PO to develop community engagement planning for CHAMPS.


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