Building Knowledge

CHAMPS Network’s goal is to provide accurate, timely and reliable data on the causes of death and sickness for children under five to improve health outcomes and quality of life.

High Quality Data Collection

CHAMPS informatics team engineers reliable and locally sustainable methods for the collection and integration of case-specific data that is comparable across each of the CHAMPS surveillance areas.


Creating a team of policy makers, community members, and researchers, working together for the empowerment of local communities to save their own lives.


Working to ensure families, communities, governments and funders know what is causing stillbirths and childhood deaths, by giving them the information they need.


Helping to create and strengthen a network of leaders in child health and mortality prevention that will improve the lives of children for generations to come.

CHAMPS Data-to-Action

"We don't fail to generate data, but we fail to deliver this data in a proper way. We get very good data, and we publish, but we get frustrated because no one uses that data for policy...We don't want CHAMPS data to follow the same path. We want CHAMPS data to lead to changes in policy."

- Eduardo Samo Gudo, Scientific Director, INS Mozambique

Where We Work

CHAMPS collects and shares data from a network of sites in Sub-Saharan and South Asia. The seven CHAMPS sites are: BALIAKANDI, BANGLADESH; BAMAKO, MALI; HARAR & KERSA, ETHIOPIA; KISUMU, KENYA; MANHIÇA, MOZAMBIQUE; SOWETO, SOUTH AFRICA; MAKENI, SIERRA LEONE