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Cause of Death Data

How does CHAMPS gather cause of death data?


CHAMPS gathers information on stillbirths and deaths in children under the age of five that occur within a CHAMPS site. The CHAMPS team is notified quickly after a death or stillbirth occurs. A team member then contacts the family to collect basic information, including the age of the child and the circumstances of the death. Families are also asked if they consent for the deceased to undergo minimally invasive tissues sampling (MITS), a procedure used to help determine a more specific cause of death. Small pieces of body tissue collected through MITS are tested for infections that might have been deadly and examined by pathologists to look for evidence of disease. In addition to MITS data, CHAMPS collects information on what may have led to the death using verbal autopsy interviews and medical records.

The information for each CHAMPS case is assembled and then reviewed by a panel of experts to determine the most likely cause of death. Panels are made of clinicians, pathologists, microbiologists and epidemiologists who live in the same country as the child who died. These experts consider the MITS findings and a wide range of other data for each case including demographic information, verbal autopsy data, data from review of medical records, and diagnostic test results to assign underlying and immediate causes of death on a case-by-case basis.

The following visualizations display summary CHAMPS cause of death data for CHAMPS sites.

Categories of Cause of Death Data Visualizations


Cause of death data dashboard for stillbirths

All Causes

Infectious Causes by Etiologies


Cause of death data dashboard for neonates

All Causes

Infectious Causes by Etiologies

Infant and Child

Cause of death data dashboard for infants and children

All Causes

Infectious Causes by Etiologies

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