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Further Information: Metrics Table

CHAMPS surveillance sites are establishing notification systems which report all under-5 deaths and stillbirths to the local CHAMPS team within 24 hours of the child’s death. This information is shared to improve understanding and prevention of child mortality.

Mozambique: MITS started 5 Dec. 2016.

South Africa: MITS started 03 Jan. 2017.

Mali: Death notifications started 1 Mar 2017. Eligibility screeing began 26 June 2017. MITS started 08 Sept 2017. Note that the Mali site was collecting only death notifications through 25 June 2017 and not proceeding to eligibility screening or other CHAMPS mortality surveillance procedures. Marked eligibility rates will be lower than expected.

Kenya: Controlled MITS launch started 22 May 2017.

Bangladesh: Mortality surveillance began on 19 September 2017 and MITS started on 2 October 2017.

*CHAMPS eligibility criteria are: stillbirth (gestational age ≥ 28 weeks and/or birthweight ≥ 1,000 grams) or under-five (before fifth birthday) at death, and residence inside the catchment area.

*MITS: Minimally-Invasive Tissue Sampling. 

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