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Cause of Death Case Examples

The CHAMPS team identifies and gathers information on a variety of factors that contribute to individual child deaths through a multi-step data-collection process.

The the information gathered allows in-country panels of experts to assess causes of death for each case with more certainty than is possible with traditional methods.  The panels consider the completeness and quality of the information available when they review each case.  In rare instances, the CHAMPS data are still not enough to identify a cause of death.  In the majority of cases, though, CHAMPS panels are able to determine not just the condition that caused death, but also a specific virus or bacteria causing the condition and whether other factors like malnutrition contributed to the death.  This thorough process of review by experts who are grounded in the local perspective is an important means for understanding causes of death and prioritizing interventions that will work.

CHAMPS cause of death findings are invaluable to families and communities searching for answers as to why their babies and children died.  In addition, some of the case examples illustrate how causes of infant and child mortality may have immediate health implications for the child’s mother or other members of the household.  As CHAMPS accumulates more data, analyses that look at cause of death findings over time and in multiple populations can be used by researchers and child health programs to improve child health in CHAMPS countries and regions.

The following are a selection of cases described in detail to illustrate what can be learned from CHAMPS data and the potential for these data to be used to guide live-saving interventions.


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