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The Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) in partnership with the University of Maryland is working with Mali's Ministry of Health to support the establishment of CHAMPS in Mali.

Mali Partners

Center for Vaccine Development (CVD)

Samba Sow, Samba Sow, MD, MS
Director General CVD-Mali and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine

In Mali, CHAMPS works with the Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) which is affiliated with the University of Maryland. CVD-Mali’s mission is to prevent, control and treat endemic and epidemic infectious diseases, as well as train Malian specialists who will expand that work in the future.


CVD-Mali has participated in two recent research studies: the Global Enteric Multicenter Study (GEMS) which conducted population-based research of moderate to severe diarrhea; and the Pneumonia Etiology Research in Child Health (PERCH) study, which concentrated on severe pneumonia in children under five years of age.


CVD-Mali is integrally connected to Mali’s Ministry of Health, which ensures an opportunity to bring research results to the attention of decision makers and directly impact public health policy – a key component of CHAMPS’s Data to Action strategy.

Mali Ministry of Health

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The Mali Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene (MoH) is the national ministry of health of Mali. Mali's MoH is responsible for healthcare provision for the country and works in conjunction with CVD-Mali, which serves as a part of the ministry of health, to introduce new vaccines and to monitor impact of vaccine introduction. Mali's MoH brings research results to the attention of decision-makers and impacts national public health policy.

University of Maryland, Baltimore


The University of Maryland, Baltimore is an affiliate of the CVD-Mali. The CVD at the University of Maryland School of Medicine works to develop, test, and deploy vaccines to aid the world’s underserved populations. The CVD offers laboratory expertise from basic research through vaccine development, conducts pre-clinical and clinical evaluation, and large-scale field studies.


In 2001, a formal agreement between the Ministry of Health of Mali and the CVD at the University of Maryland established a unit in Mali to respond to health challenges in Mali and West Africa.

Mali Partners

Dr. Samba Sow

Minister of Health and Public Hygiene

Ministère de la Santé du Mali



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