Failure to Deliver Data, and Lack of Sharing, Leads to Child Death

Public health leaders from around the world dedicate efforts to child health evidence-based policy change.

The Global Partners Board

The purpose of the Global Partners Board is to bring together representative and diverse perspectives on our work from professionals and organizations in the field of global health.

One Mother Tells Her Story

"There is no pain like that one... losing a baby." - Keabetswe Ellen Mpiti

See how mortality surveillance helped this mother understand the cause of her child's death.

New Site Launch: KENYA

CHAMPS has officially launched its site in Kisumu, Kenya

Wednesday, May 10.

2016 Site Directors Meeting

Site directors and public health experts from South Africa, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique, Kenya, Sierra Leone, US and the UK convened at the CHAMPS site director community meeting where data sharing issues were at the forefront of discussion.



CHAMPS is a global network with lifesaving potential. Our vision is to build and share knowledge to save children's lives. Learn more about our work through this two-page infographic. >>



Sharing data saves lives. In addition to data collection and analysis, increasing the capacity to use these data to impact policies and programs is necessary to ensure that the data saves lives.  >>



The informatics team engineers reliable and locally sustainable methods for the collection and integration of case-specific data that is comparable across each of the CHAMPS surveillance areas.  >>



The CHAMPS Network is a collaborative effort of more than 135 global partners. >>

Nearly 6 million children around the world die each year before the age of five. Why?

Listen to this NPR broadcast interview with CHAMPS Director of Science Pratima Raghunathan and Tim Morris, the initiative’s Chief Information Officer, about child mortality, the project’s goals and barriers to data-gathering. 

CHAMPS in the News

"Aid organizations and public health agencies are spending millions of dollars each year to save the lives of children in developing countries."

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"Aid organizations and public health agencies are spending billions of dollars each year to save the lives of babies and children in developing countries. But they’ve been missing a key piece of information in their effort: What exactly is killing these children? Globally, nearly 6 million children under the age of five die each year from preventable causes, and 45 percent of those die in the first month of life.

“Some of these early deaths, we don’t know much at all,” said Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in a recent interview with GeekWire. “Was there an infection there? Is there some new tool — antibiotic, vaccine — that could have saved that child’s life?”

Gates Launches Network of Disease Surveillance Center

Gates Foundation Partners with Emory Global Health Institute

CHAMPS launches new activities in Mozambique and South Africa

Gates Foundation Plans Teams to Determine Causes of Child Mortality

CHAMPS Site Directors Meeting

A Global Effort To Combat Child Mortality

How Data Can Save Children’s Lives

Cause of Life

Get updates about our progress!

Learn how we are using data to combat child mortality.
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