World Day of Social Justice

Every day CHAMPS works to promote social justice and a vision of a world where all children are able to thrive: a world without health inequality.

CHAMPS Global Partners Board Member Alan Lopez in a library

An Interview with Gairdner Award recipient Alan Lopez

CHAMPS Global Partners Board Member Professor Alan Lopez, recipient of the 2018 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award, talks about the importance of quality data in addressing child mortality.

Sierra Leone joins CHAMPS' global network

Sierra Leone joins CHAMPS as the seventh site, adding new West African partners to the global CHAMPS network of over 100+ partners.

CHAMPS milestones and achievements

CHAMPS celebrates important milestones reached in 2017 with this interactive timeline.

As of May 8th, there were 31 cases of meningitis and 13 resulting deaths in Liberia.

CHAMPS Technology Solves Unexplained Cluster of Deaths

Mystery Illnesses in Liberia: 31 cases, 13 deaths (case fatality rate: 42%)

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May, 2018

CHAMPS Site News: Ethiopia

The last couple of months have seen some important achievements for the CHAMPS site in Ethiopia. We have been given support from the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council for CHAMPS work in Ethiopia. The team traveled to Addis to discuss the work of CHAMPS with the Supreme Council, such that an authoritative legal opinion could be given from a ‘Mufti’ (legal scholar) for a Fatwa - a response to a question posed by an individual or a court of law, in this case on the work of CHAMPS and the acceptability of MITS.

April 19, 2018

Podcast: how the CHAMPS project is using informatics to fight childhood mortality

Informatics is crucial to the CHAMPS project, as the informatics office provides the core infrastructure for transporting and housing key health data. In this podcast Senior Manager for Information Technology Patrick Caneer talks about how PHII and its partners manage data for CHAMPS.

March, 2018

CHAMPS Begins Community Engagement in Sierra Leone

'We want to know why our children get sick and die, which contributes to the high infant mortality in the country.’ This statement was a key highlight from community stakeholders during the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance's community engagement work in Sierra Leone in February.