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Improving Knowledge

CHAMPS addresses an important knowledge gap by producing high-quality data on stillbirths and deaths in children under age 5 in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia by using several different sources of information to determine the cause of death.

Sharing Knowledge

CHAMPS is about better identifying and understanding the causes of death in children under 5 years old in areas of Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia. This identification and understanding can, and will, help countries, public health programs, and local and global child health advocates and policymakers in their efforts to prevent childhood deaths and illness.

More precise, accurate approach to identifying the causes of individual child deaths in sites in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

CHAMPS provides more precise, accurate, and comprehensive information on the causes of death among children under five years through the use of a pathology-based tool – minimally invasive tissue sampling (MITS) and laboratory testing of tissue samples.

As of May 8th, there were 31 cases of meningitis and 13 resulting deaths in Liberia.

CHAMPS Network in Action

CHAMPS provides timely information and insights for guiding and fostering action, particularly in the communities and countries where CHAMPS is taking place.


Gathering more specific, precise data that can help save the lives of children under five in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 


Providing families, local hospitals and public health programs the information needed to prevent child death and illness.


CHAMPS provides more accurate and complete data on the likely causes of deaths of individual children under five.

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