We Build Knowledge to Save Children’s Lives

Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance collects, analyzes and shares evidence to prevent child mortality in regions where it is highest.

Promoting Change

Why CHAMPS Data Matters

Data surveillance is about tracking the meaningful data points that help us understand trends and impact real change. CHAMPS uses surveillance to help countries, public health programs, and local / global child health advocates and policymakers in their efforts to prevent childhood diseases and illnesses.

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Reducing Child Mortality

Our data catalyzes evidence-driven interventions that can save the lives of millions of children.

Building Local Capacity

CHAMPS works with communities, ministries of health and national public health institutes to strengthens local health and science capacity.

Data to Action

CHAMPS transforms data into action, working with partners to use our findings to inform interventions that address under-five mortality.

Data Sharing

Our open-access data sharing and diverse, multi-sectoral partnerships drive evidence-based interventions.

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Our Network

CHAMPS collects and shares data from a network of 19 catchment areas in 8 countries within Africa and South Asia with the highest child mortality rates. They tirelessly gather and share data and real stories from the regions they serve.

The CHAMPS Story

An Organization Built for Change

Our innovative approach to collecting, analyzing and sharing the causes of stillbirth and death in children under five was created to propel interventions that can save the lives of millions of children.

Our Roots

CHAMPS was born of a need to better understand the definitive causes of child mortality in places where it is highest, and use that data to drive interventions to save child's lives.

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Our Team

The researchers, doers, thinkers, policy makers, and public health professionals that make up CHAMPS' multi-disciplinary team are dedicated to working toward saving children's lives.

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View CHAMPS’ summarized child mortality data, updated in real-time, and request access to our datasets.