The CHAMPS Biorepository

Sharing CHAMPS Specimens to Enhance Scientific Knowledge and Save Lives

Learn More About the CHAMPS Network Biorepository

The CHAMPS Network Biorepository is comprised of tissue and non-tissue specimens collected at active CHAMPS sites. Specimens are collected using Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling (MITS) procedures and are submitted for diagnostic testing to help determine causes of death for children under age five. Aliquots of the samples collected are carefully preserved and made available for additional investigations, exploring new diagnostic methods and approaches to prevention and treatment that will save lives.  

The CHAMPS Network biorepository was established to enable equitable sharing of specimens to benefit the global public good and is guided by principles of transparency, ethical collection and use of specimens, broad access, capacity building, and benefit sharing. Specimens are shipped from sites to a central storage location at the CDC Biorepository (CBR), an accredited facility where specimens are maintained under standardized conditions at ultra-low temperatures for long term preservation of quality. After an approval process is completed, specimens may be shipped to investigators from this central location.

Specimens available for investigation include: 

  • Tissue samples: lung, liver, and brain
  • Non-tissue samples: blood, nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swab, stool, and cerebrospinal fluid
  • Culture isolates are available on request

Additional specimen types may be available in the future. 

Requesting Specimens 

Several steps are required to ensure appropriate use of CHAMPS biorepository samples.

If the initial application is consistent with CHAMPS objectives and availability for sample types, a more detailed request form will need to be submitted for review and approval by the CHAMPS Specimen Access group; additional documentation for Data Access and Material and Data Transfer Agreement will be requested.

To begin the request process, please provide the following preliminary information, and we will respond within 14 business days.

Request Biorepository Specimens

  • Please provide an overview of which specimen types you are interested in requesting and the number of each.
  • Briefly, describe your planned research. Please include your research purpose, overall approach/methodology, public health impact, and relevance to CHAMPS.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    E.g. relevant publications, preliminary findings, and collaborator CVs.