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How CHAMPS Operates

CHAMPS Data Visual Guide

CHAMPS provides accurate, timely data that saves children’s lives in places where child mortality is highest. This new infographic illustrates the CHAMPS surveillance process from start to finish.

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See the Infographic
Data Access Snapshots

How to Access and Use CHAMPS Data

Data Summaries

Dr. Dianna Blau provides an overview of CHAMPS data summaries, available on our website.

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Immediate and Underlying Causes of Death

Dr. Blau shows how to explore CHAMPS data summaries to filter by immediate and underlying causes of death by age groups.

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Level 2 De-Identified Data, Dataverse, and GitHub

Dr. Blau walks through requesting CHAMPS De-Identified datasets and exploring data dictionaries on Dataverse and code from CHAMPS publications, available on GitHub.

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Learn About CHAMPS Pathology and Biorepository

CHAMPS Biorepository

The CHAMPS Network Biorepository is comprised of tissue and non-tissue specimens collected at active CHAMPS sites. Aliquots of the samples collected are carefully preserved and made available for additional investigations, exploring new diagnostic methods and approaches to prevention and treatment that will save lives.

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CHAMPS Pathology

Laboratory testing is critical for diagnosing infectious disease when investigating infant or child deaths. CHAMPS uses pathologic evidence to accurately determine causes of death as well as for detection, surveillance, and research on emerging and reemerging pathogens that present additional risk to communities where we work.

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Scientific Research Documentation


The purpose of the CHAMPS manual is to describe the standardized procedures and processes for determining cause of death across the CHAMPS network and to serve as a reference for training and quality management. The manual includes an overview of the CHAMPS Mortality Surveillance process, from death notification through determination of cause of death (DeCoDe) and family follow-up.

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Research Protocols and Definitions

When researchers can access reliable, comparable data from colleagues around the world, it broadens their scope of discovery. This is one of the reasons CHAMPS believes harmonized data collection and broad knowledge sharing are critical pathways to identifying new and effective solutions for child mortality.

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Data Dictionaries

View version 4.2 of the standard, de-identified CHAMPS dataset with case demographics (including MITS measurements), verbal autopsy, DeCoDe results, TAC results, and lab results. This dataset is updated monthly, and the version of this dataset changes quarterly when a revised ICD-10 mapping document is uploaded.

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Gates Open Research

Explore CHAMPS publications on the Gates Open Research Portal.

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