CHAMPS Pathology

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Accessing Pathology Images

Laboratory testing is critical for diagnosing infectious diseases when investigating infant or child deaths. CHAMPS uses pathologic evidence to accurately determine causes of death as well as for detection, surveillance, and research on emerging and reemerging pathogens that present additional risk to communities where we work.  

CHAMPS is unique in that it employs the use of many different laboratories and pathologists across our network, all with different infrastructure and backgrounds, with the goals of determining causes of death and building pathology capacity in each country associated with our research. 

Pathology slide images from CHAMPS cases are available upon request for research purposes. Users will be asked to sign a data use agreement.

These are images of tissue biopsies collected during minimally invasive tissue sampling procedures. Non-tissue and tissues undergo extensive laboratory testing including bacteria culture, HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria testing, and advanced diagnostics such as multiplex molecular testing for specific viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic pathogens. All tissue specimens are evaluated for histopathology and the slide images from this evaluation are also available in some cases.  

Images are maintained by experts at the CHAMPS Program Office through NDPServe.  

Request Information about CHAMPS Pathology Slide Images

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