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A Global Network Saving Lives

CHAMPS is a global network whose partners understand that maximizing the life-saving impact of our work requires collaboration and data-sharing across teams, disciplines, organizations and borders.

Delivering Help Where It’s Needed Most

Every individual and organization in the CHAMPS network plays a key role in reducing child mortality.

Low- and middle-income countries bear a disproportionate burden of global child mortality. Currently, South Asia and Africa account for 82% of under-five child deaths. Children in Africa are 15 times more likely to die before the age of five than children in high-income countries.

The CHAMPS network is a collaborative effort of global partners that includes ongoing engagement with:

  • National Public Health Institutes
  • Governments
  • In-country organizations
  • Emory Global Health Institute
  • The International Association of National Public Health Institutes
  • The Task Force for Global Health
  • The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • WHO and UNICEF


CHAMPS communities are shaped by a host of characteristics including ethnicity, education, local customs, and religious practices. We work in rural and urban settings with immensely diverse ethnic groups who speak different languages and practice a broad spectrum of religions. We are proud to work in collaboration with community and religious leaders to understand and navigate local contexts.

Meet our Global Partners Board
Meet our Global Partners Board

Global Partners Board

The CHAMPS Global Partners Board brings together representative and diverse perspectives on our work from professionals and organizations in the field of global health. The Board acts as champions for addressing childhood mortality through evidence learned from CHAMPS.

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Get a clear and precise visualization of the populations enrolled in our surveillance, as well as the data on why children under the age of five are dying in these areas.